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How do I know my device is compatible with Kekotukos Apps?

If you browse the App Store or Play Store from the device in which you’ll be installing the App, it’ll automatically offer you the option to purchase it, if your device is indeed compatible.

Otherwise, you should know the Operation System Version (O.S.) and check its compatibility.

In IOS devices (iPad, iPhone or iPod), you can check by searching Settings on your device, at the General section, and then clicking Information > Version.

If you own an Android device (Smartphone or Tablets, like Samsung, Bq, Sony, Huawei, lg, Asus, Xiaomi…) you may find out at Settings > About the Phone > Android Version.

Once you know the O.S. Version, you should check the App requirements.

For IOS devices, check the Apple App Store. You may check the info at Compatibility (down, left on the screen). You can go to the App page clicking “Available on the App Store” in the App’s official site (e.g.

For Android devices, take a look at Google Play Store. You’ll find the info at “Additional Info” at the bottom of the page, then (Requiere Android). You may check the site clicking “GET IT ON Google Play” at the game’s official site (e.g.
Important! If the icons of direct access to the Play Store or Apple App Store are missing, it indicates the app is not available yet for your OS. if that changes, we’ll announce it via our usual channels.

How do I download Kekotukos Apps?

If you download the App on the same device you plan on installing it, it’ll automatically give you the chance to buy it (as long as your device is, in fact, compatible).

Otherwise, you can go to the App Store or Play Store website, clicking on “Available on the App Store” or “GET IT ON Google Play” at the official site (e.g.

Google Play store allows you to install the app on the devices linked to your Google account. The App Store will redirect you to iTunes (it must be previously installed), in order to download the app on your synchronized devices.

I’ve bought an App for iPhone, do I have to pay again to play it on my iPad?

No, all Kekotukos Apps have been developed to be compatible with all devices sharing an OS, after the first purchase. (Note: All devices must share App Store user).

I've downloaded an App from GooglePlay. Can I install it on my Apple devices?

No, IOS and Android Apps are only compatible with their own devices. They’re independent digital stores, and purchases are separate.

If I’ve already purchased an App included in an App Suite (Bundle). Do I get a discount if I decide to buy the Bundle in the future?

You’ll be charged for the price for the App Bundle when you purchase it. The price might be reduced given your previous purchases, but it also may include a small amount of charge to complete de App Bundle.

I’ve bought an App on a device with iOS 9.2, but I can’t find the download link for my iOS 5. Is it normal?

Yes, this is normal, since devices with iOS 6.0 or prior are not compatible with current Apps, nor Kekotukos Apps.

What makes us different

Do Kekotukos Apps display third party ads?

No, we will never show third party ads. It’s one of the main lines of our company policy. All content displayed will be analyzed and designed by our team to secure a 100% suitable content for children.

Will there be pop-up windows offering info/news?

No, the only pop-up windows allowed are the ones coming from the device / OS, indicating battery levels (pausing the apps), or notifications from other apps connected to the internet (such as Facebook, Twitter… depending on your own settings).

After purchasing Kekotukos Apps, do I have to pay again in order to access additional content?

No, that’s a line we’ll never cross. (It’s company policy!).

Kekotukos Apps are only offered:
– Paying only ONCE a price we consider fair given the work and love we’ve given our apps.
– Purchasing a Bundle at the App Store.
– Or just getting it for free during special promos!

Will I have to pay for updates or additional content?

No, that would be paying for additional content or in-app purchases, and we will never include that in our apps. All the updates or new content will be free after buying a Kekotukos App.

We wish to offer our games as a whole, and avoid inconveniences, such as charges caused by children accidently buying content unsupervised.

My child is still learning to read. Will he/she be able to understand and play Kekotukos Apps?

All Kekotukos Apps are intuitive, e.g. Kekotukos Origins doesn’t include any textual charge that could limit the game comprehension. In any case, all our apps are designed with a minimal amount of text, to make them easier to play.

Does any of Kekotukos Apps save and/or distribute data to third party companies?

No, never. We appreciate the trust parents and children give us, and we will never sell information to third party companies, like some other developers/apps do.

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