About Kekotukos

We are digital game developers aimed at children. We believe them to be unique tools to help stimulate the little ones physical and emotional development. Thus, we make fun games to bring on a passive learning during the times of fun of the younger ones.

 Our Philosphy

At Kekotukos we develop safe games, designed only to help children during their periods of development. But always in a fun way!

We can’t stop children from interacting with digital devices, since they’re part of their future and they’re drawn to them. It’s the adult’s job to find the most suitable apps for the children, based on their age and emotional maturity.


Children love Kekotuko’s Universe due to the main characters charm, its great graphic look, and its intuitive game mechanics. In each app they’ll find fun challenges and new content, which will allow them to have fun and learn at the same time.


Parents may be certain their little ones are playing with a safe product, designed to entertain, teach, and even interact with them if they wish to do so.

We guarantee all our games show completely appropriate content, and won’t show third parties ads or in-app purchases.