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Play safe – Happy Learning

Play safe – Happy Learning is our motto, and Kekotuko’s core values.

We aspire to teach children good, healthy values, as well as offer them the appropiate tools to their development. Thus, we at Kekotukos, have created a Children’s Digital Universe, aimed to entertain and teach the little ones.

We wish to develop child­friendly, completly safe applications. Created specially for kids, we also offer what adults want: trust.

What they are saying

  • Leave all those computers, phones and weird devices and get a proper job!
    Our Mothers
  • It sure doesn’t get that long to develop a children game!
    Our Friends
  • How much longer? We want more Kekotukos already!
    Our children and nephews
  • Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow meeeeooow!
    Our Cats